Why We Think You Should Start a Blog

Are you tired of feeling as though you are never getting enough chances to say what is on your mind? Maybe you are reading the news and you feel as though you could contribute something valuable to the discussion. Or maybe you are just going about your life and you feel as though so many things are bugging you, and you just want to talk about them. Or maybe you are a creative person and you want to share poems or short stories with the world in an easy way. Now we have a method that will work for you in all of these cases.

Go on the site howtostartablog101 and you will see some more details, but we can talk about it right now too. What we are encouraging you to do is start your own blog. And I can understand why you may feel a little bit apprehensive about this process. But what we want you to know, and what you will see at howtostartablog101, is that blogging is not hard. It is not the worst thing in the world, and it is most definitely not going to stress you out.

In fact, of all the hobbies that you can engage in – we think that you are going to have the most fun with blogging. Why? Because it is so easy to do on any schedule. Whether you are working in the day, night or part time, you can find time to blog. And even if you are a stay at home mom or dad, you will be able to fit blogging into your schedule without a problem. In fact, those who stay at home and need a flexible schedule are the ones who will love blogging the most.


If there was some advice that we could give you about blogging, we would say that you should not think that you are going to make money from this venture right away. Yes, there is money that you can make from blogging. Whether you are putting up Patreon or PayPal links on your blog for donations, or you are just using a few ads to generate revenue, you can make money on your site. But in the beginning, we think that it should be about the passion of wanting to write or share your thoughts. When you do it that way, you will have more success.

Why? Because when you are sharing from your heart, and you are not doing this thing out of a desire to make money, then you will find your audience in a much better way. People will be drawn to you because you are writing from a place of passion. That is what it is all about. And then if you think that you can make some money with this adventure, you can go about seeing the best way to do that. But start with the intention of writing and sharing your thoughts – this is how you will have a wonderful experience while blogging.